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  • Haven't met your 2017 deductible?  Our $280 foot procedures include the house call, examination, procedure, and follow up.  In most cases this will be much less expensive than your in-network provider with high deductibles, copayments, facility charges, and wait times.  Call now, be seen within the hour by a board certified podiatrist.
  • Don't let your foot injury ruin your La Vegas vacation, trade-show, or sports event.
  • Dr Louk is available 24/7 for urgent care Podiatrist house calls to all Las Vegas hotels and resorts.
  • Expected permanent correction of ingrown, thickened, infected, or deformed toenail, $280.
  • Foot or Ankle Sprain or Fracture with cast or walker $350.
  • Heel Spur injection, taping, physiotherapy, and temporary foot orthotics, $280.
  • Same Day Custom molded sports orthotics from precise plaster impressions of your feet, $350.
  • Gout Treatment (injection) avoids g.i. complications and relieves pain instantly, $280.
  • Treatment of callouses, corns, warts, or blisters, $280.
  • home healthcare: house calls to your hotel, residence, office, nursing home, dialysis clinic, or hospital.
  • surgical correction of congenital or acquired foot deformities such as bunions, hammertoes, heel spurs, and neuromas.
  • surgical and non surgical treatment of foot fractures, dislocations, lacerations, and crush injuries.
  • permanent correction of deformed, ingrown, or thickened toenails.  Return to work in 1 hour.  $280.
  • custom molded foot orthotics from precise plaster impressions of your feet (guaranteed for life).
  • diabetic foot care.
  • Call 702-758-FEET (3338) for podiatry CareNow
  • sports medicine.
  • morning heel pain $280, includes house call, heel injection, foot taping, physiotherapy, and foot orthotics.
  • Immediate gout relief (injection) without dangerous pills that take hours/days to work $280.
  • Las Vegas Appointment Today Podiatrist for 24/7 cash house calls for your ingrown toenail.
  • Don't waste all day at the emergency room only to have an assistant try to treat your foot pain with a Rx pad.
  • Call now and Dr Louk can be at your hotel within the hour.
  • Be treated by a board certified Podiatrist that has performed tens of thousands of foot procedures in an urgent care setting.
  • Closest Vegas foot specialist to the Las Vegas Strip.

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