Expected permanent toenail correction

>10,000 procedures performed

Hospital-type sterilization of all equipment

Return to work in one hour

Gentle touch foot surgeon

Infected toenail specialist

Immediate and permanent relief of your toenail pain

Closest Podiatrist to the Las Vegas Strip

10 minute infected toenail surgery

Podiatrist available 24/7 at all Las Vegas Hotels and resorts

Podiatrist that makes house calls

Board Certified Podiatrist

Phone answered 24/7

Podiatrist open late nights

Toenail Infection Specialist

Urgent Care Podiatrist

Foot Doctor that is open now

Infected toenail seen within the hour

Podiatrist trusted by local nurses and physician's families

Prompt care Podiatrist

Ingrown toenail Podiatrist

Special care for patients with diabetes and vascular disease

Voted Top Las Vegas Podiatrist

Quick Care Foot Doctor

Immediate appointments for Infected Toenail

Minor surgical procedure for ingrown toenail

Podiatrist open on weekends and holidays

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Permanent Correction Of Your Ingrown Toenail

Don't let your toenail pain ruin your Las Vegas vacation, trade-show, or sports event.  Dr Louk can see you within the hour, and is available 24/7 for a Podiatrist house call to your hotel, home, office, or hospital.

Don't waste your valuable time waiting for hours at the ER or urgent care clinic, only to be seen by an assistant that will try to treat your throbbing ingrown toenail with a prescription pad.  Get your toenail fixed right the first time and don't worry about it for the rest of your life.  Dr Louk has performed over 10,000 toenail procedures in an urgent care setting.  Put the Doctor's expertise to work and get back into your fabulous pretty shoes within the hour.

This minor surgery can be done in the comfort of your hotel, home, office, or hospital.  Following the procedure you will be required to elevate your foot for one hour and apply an ice pack.  That's it.  One hour after the painless surgery you can return to your normal shoes and normal activities.  Get back on the trade-show floor.  Get back to your ballroom dance competition. Get back to the poker table.

The toenail surgery cost is $230 cash.  This includes the house call, exam, surgery, and follow up care as needed.

No insurance accepted.  No referrals.  No deductibles.  No hidden facility fees.  No waiting.  The Doctor sees you on time, or your visit is free.  Your time is just as important as the Doctor's time.  Call or text 702-758-FEET (3338) now, and be seen now.  Text for an appointment within the next 4-6 hours.  Call for an appointment within the next 1 hour.

One day after your toenail surgery you will soak the dressing off your toe in cool or lukewarm soapy water.  You will scrub the toe with soap and water at least twice a day and wear clean socks.  You only need to wear a bandaid or dressing if you want extra padding in your dress shoes.

There will be a clear, straw-colored drainage from your toe for 2-4 weeks.  This is from the chemical burn that killed the nail root, so that the offending ingrown border will not return.  You want to see this drainage for 2-4 weeks, so you know that the nail border has been killed.  Promote this drainage by vigorously massaging and milking the toe and scrubbing with soap and water at least twice a day.