Immediate Relief For Your Heel Pain

Don't let your plantar fasciitis or heel pain ruin your Las Vegas vacation, trade show, or sports event.  Get back to the trade show floor within the hour.  Dr Louk can see you within the hour and is available 24/7 for a Podiatrist house call to your Las Vegas Hotel, home, office, or hospital.  Get immediate relief of your heel pain.  Return to work within one hour of the procedure.  Treatment includes heel injection, foot taping, physiotherapy, and customized foot orthotics.  No narcotics or worthless over the counter gel pads needed.  Call or text 702-758-FEET (3338) for immediate heel pain relief.

  • Heel pain, plantar fasciitis, or heel spur syndrome, is the most common condition seen by Dr Louk.
  • Heel spurs can be treated in the comfort of your hotel, home, office, or hospital.
  • No narcotics, no missed work, no gimmick products, and no waiting needed.
  • Urgent care foot specialist
  • Hospital operating room type sterilization of all instruments.
  • > 10,000 procedures performed in an urgent care setting.
  • Board certified Podiatrist and foot surgeon.
  • $280 includes the house call, exam, heel injection, foot taping, physiotherapy, and customized foot orthotics.
  • No insurance accepted.  No referrals.  No deductibles.  No hidden facility fees.  No waiting.
  • The Doctor sees you on time or your visit is free.  Your time is just as important as the Doctor's.
  • Closest Podiatrist to the Las Vegas Strip.  Appointments within the hour.
  • Prompt care foot doctor.
  • Podiatrist open on weekends, late nights, and holidays. Call or text 702-758-FEET (3338).
  • Custom molded foot orthotics made from precise plaster impressions of your feet.
  • Don't waste your time waiting in the ER or urgent care clinic, only to be briefly seen by an assistant who tries to treat your throbbing heel spur with a prescription for advil and an appointment to see their hip surgeon in 2 weeks.
  • Return to work one hour after the heel pain treatment.
  • Quick Care Podiatrist.  Call for Care Now.
  • Gentle touch foot surgeon.
  • Don't waste hundreds of dollars at the good foot store for a 99 cent piece of molded rubber from china.
  • Dr Louk makes his own custom molded foot orthotics using advanced materials such as carbon fiber, Kevlar, and unique aerospace engineered polymers covered with the unmatched comfort and durability of genuine leather.
  • Dr Louk is the Podiatrist chosen by local physicians and nurses to treat their family members.
  • Las Vegas heel pain specialist.

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