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Dr Louk will work to make the Nevada Alternate Route to Licensure (ARL) for new teachers an actual alternate route.  Currently, a proven leader from business or industry with a bachelor's, master's, or even a doctorate degree is required to complete an additional 24-32 semester hours of undergraduate entry level education "pedagogy" courses before they can be licensed.  Even a college professor, Naval Academy Instructor, or textbook author can't be licensed to teach Nevada K-12 without taking these freshman-level courses.  Undergraduate pedagogy classes have not been shown to prepare teachers for real world classroom management and there is no evidence that this training improves teacher effectiveness.  The current Nevada ARL program is only a job security ploy by the third tier colleges offering education degrees; including UNLV, College of Southern Nevada, Nevada State College and Western Governors University.  The education bureaucrats lament daily that we need to increase the new teacher pipeline.  It's impossible to increase the pipeline when the bottleneck is the third tier education colleges, and the K-12 bureaucrats are part-time advisors or faculty at these third tier education degree mills.

Dr Louk will respect the rights of the dedicated home schoolers, as well as the accredited and non-accredited private schools.  Dr Louk is not in favor of turning over public schools, in the Clark County School District, to for-profit charter school corporations, as the Governor is trying to do.  The for-profit charter schools, as a whole, are performing even worse than the poorest performing public schools in the state.  

Doctor Louk absolutely supports the Nevada Education Savings Accounts (ESA), particularly the "home-based" education option.  We can't even begin to imagine the innovation that will come forth when 3 or 4 families pool their $5100 per student/year to provide a classical education for their students without social indoctrination or the overwhelming risk of crime and violence in their "at risk" schools.  Think of the opportunities for highly qualified teachers that contract directly with parents without the constraints of common core and toxic bureaucrats.  ESAs are not for every family, but let's let the families decide for themselves, not the ACLU.

Dr Louk opposes federal, state or county wide requirements of student immunizations.  This is a public health issue best addressed by the student's physician and parents, not by legislators or bureaucrats.

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Dr Ernest Louk is a 5 year veteran of the U.S. Marines.  He completed 4 years at the University of Houston and 4 years at Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine.  Dr Louk completed a diabetic foot externship at the University of Texas and a foot trauma externship at Cook County Hospital in Chicago. He completed a foot and ankle surgical residency in Youngstown Ohio.

As an education advocate, Dr Louk is committed to putting our K-12 students first by giving parents and teachers decision/budget making power at their individual public schools.  This would include a significant reduction in top-heavy central bureaucrats, education corporations, and special interest social indoctrination.  Dr Louk is committed to stopping common core, reducing federal testing, and increasing career and technical programs.

Dr Louk will work at the state level to repeal legislation that requires up to 40% of a teacher's annual effectiveness evaluation be based on expensive, secretly manipulated data of unproven federal testing of our students.  Evaluating teachers by using the 2-3 year old federal test scores of students who they have never taught is absurd.  You can only improve that which you measure.  Evaluating teachers using their personal attendance record and PRAXIS scores would be a start.

You can't be an effective teacher, if you don't come to work.  49% of Nevada teachers call in sick greater than 10 days during the 9 month school year. You can only improve that which you measure.